We Build Your Private Paradise

We Can Transform Your Backyard Into An Oasis!

We build more than just a swimming pool, we help families make memories!

Liquid Luxury Pools is more than just a company with ambitions to design and construct custom pools. It’s about creating a backyard oasis tailored for every client, no matter how big or small their property may be!

The process begins by listening carefully so we can understand what your vision entails; then together decide on the type of pool and an effective layout that suits all aspects of building-including budget.

Types of Swimming Pools

We’re the only swimming pool builder in the area that provides all three types of pool styles.


Concrete pools are known for their durability and for being highly customizable. They also can be the most expensive though.


Prefabricated pools are quick to install and cost less than concrete pools. Sometimes they can be more prone to wear and tear and a little more challenging to repair.

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl pools are often more affordable and come in a variety of shapes. The liner can be replaced with less expense than other pool styles but may need to be changed out more often.

Our skilled employees use top quality materials while adhering strictly within set guidelines – which results in a quality swimming pool and satisfied customer.


Your swimming pool is just one aspect of your backyard oasis.

We consider your landscaping needs and work to ensure we integrate your pool seamlessly with its natural surroundings. By consulting a landscape architect, you can be sure that our design will match the look of any property while providing an unmatched user experience for all who use it!

We specialize in Custom Pool Builds, Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces – Firepits – and much more!

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We have the best employees in the business.

Liquid Luxury Pools is unlike any other pool builder in that we have a team of employees with over 100 years’ worth of experience. These skilled craftsmen take pride in not only putting out top-quality results but also showing it through their work ethic and dedication toward what they do best: building pools! With such talented individuals on staff, you can expect nothing less than excellence from your finished pool – our swimming pools will exceed all expectations.

We know swimming pools and more.

When you build as many pools in a year as we do, you learn a lot about the processes involved. Our technical expertise enables us to continually enhance the product we provide to our customers. What’s more, we work directly with our pool equipment manufacturers and suppliers. As a result of these ongoing relationships, we are on the front line of technological innovations and enhancements to the pool equipment and materials we use.