Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions – We Have Answers

General Questions

How much does a pool cost?

This is highly variable depending on size, materials, features and local factors. Expect to spend anywhere from $70,000 to a million. We’ll help you build a pool that fits your budget.

What type of pool is right for me?

Three main types dominate: concrete (durable, customizable), fiberglass (prefabricated) and vinyl liner (affordable, variety of shapes). Consider your budget, preferences and maintenance needs.

Do I need permits?

Absolutely! Permits ensure safety and compliance with local codes. The good news is that we take care of those for you.

How long does installation take?

Again, it depends. Simple inground pools might take 4–8 weeks, while complex designs could take longer.

Construction and Design

What's the best location for my pool?

Consider sun exposure, shade, existing structures, access for construction and proximity to your house and patio.

What size and shape should I choose?

Think about how many people will use the pool, desired activities (swimming, lounging, playing) and available space.

What about features like waterfalls, lighting or decks?

These add beauty and functionality, but also cost more. Weigh the pros and cons carefully.

How can I make my pool energy efficient?

Solar pool heaters, energy-saving pumps and LED lighting can help reduce costs and your environmental impact.

Does my pool require engineering?

Yes, and we take care of that for you.

Maintenance and Upkeep

How much does it cost to maintain a pool?

Factor in chemicals, cleaning supplies, electricity for pumps and potential repairs. Budget around $1,000–$3,000 per year.

How often do I need to clean the pool?

It depends on usage and weather. Skimming and removing leaves daily and maintaining proper chemical balance are crucial.

What about winterizing the pool?

In colder climates, proper winterization protects your pool from damage. Hire a professional if unsure.

Can I install the pool myself?

While possible for very handy individuals, most people recommend hiring experienced pool builders for safety and quality assurance.

Company and Services

Where does Liquid Luxury Pools operate?

We primarily serve Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

What types of pools do you build?

Liquid Luxury Pools specializes in custom-designed concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner. In fact, we’re the only pool builder in the area that offers all three.

Do you design outdoor living spaces as well?

Yes, we can design and build your entire outdoor oasis, including patios, decks, landscaping and water features, in addition to the pool itself. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Design and Construction

What is your design process like?

We offer free consultations to discuss your vision and needs. Our team works collaboratively with you to create a personalized design that suits your budget and preferences. And we can help you with your landscape design as well.

Do you have a portfolio of past projects?

Yes, you can browse the gallery on our website to see examples of our work and get inspiration for your own pool.

What materials do you use?

We use high-quality materials for construction, ensuring durability and aesthetics. You can discuss specific options with our team during the consultation, whether you’re building a concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner pool.

How long does the construction process typically take?

A typical build is 4–12 weeks, but it depends on the complexity of the design. We can provide an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Pricing and Costs

Do you offer financing options?

While our website doesn’t explicitly mention financing, you can inquire about available options during your consultation.

What is the average cost of your pools?

Due to the custom nature of our work, it’s difficult to give an average cost. However, we offer free consultations and quotes, so you can get a specific estimate based on your desired features and specifications before deciding to move forward.

What are the additional costs to consider besides the pool itself?

Remember to factor in permits, landscaping, water features, pool equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

Yes, during your consultation, you can inquire about our warranty policies for specific details.