Plex Gazette: September Edition

September 23, 2016

Matt is such an awesome individual! He has saved us so much work over the past 10 years!

Have I mentioned that we have the most talented Windows platform dev team in the world? Well, back in July we released a ground-up rewrite of our Windows app. It was a massive undertaking, and in addition to bringing in all the features you’d expect from a modern Plex app, it was also engineered under the hood to take advantage of the Windows Universal platform (read: the same app would eventually run everywhere). A great benefit for devs and users alike. Here’s one of our esteemed Windows devs, Matt, announcing this huge release internally:

A man of few words, he likes to keep his release notes on-point.

But we haven’t slowed down. Today’s release is the first to be truly Universal–it now works on all Windows 10 devices, including phones! And we’ve been hard at work on features, too. Here are just a few of the things we’ve been busy adding in Windows land:

  • Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital agent, is now supported—go ahead and tell her to “Shuffle the show Archer on Plex”!
  • We also added support for Continuum. This is a pretty awesome feature—it allows mobile apps to morph into their full-sized desktop equivalent when the Window Phone is connected to a monitor and keyboard. Which means that Plex will continue to look amazing just by plugging it in!
  • The updated UI we introduced earlier this year is now also available on Windows 10 Mobile!